Hyundai Santa Fe 2016 – Timelapsing NZ’s Aoraki MacKenzie Dark Sky Reserve

Recently I was hired as time-lapse D.P. for this Hyundai Korea TVC for their 2016 model Santa Fe.

The initial brief from the client was for 3-axis MoCo day to night timelapses that featured the Milky Way. These were to be used as plate shots to comp in with car shots from the main unit.
I recommended shooting these around Tekapo in the beautiful, and very dark MacKenzie Country in the central South Island. I love it there and was stoked to spend several days and nights roaming the area.
In the past I have used the very clever GBTimelapse software ( requiring a laptop in the field ) to achieve these kind of shots. It has very sophisticated bulb ramping capabilities and can control my eMotimo TB3 Black pan/tilit head and Dynamic Perception Stage One dolly for 3-axis MoCo.
During the prep for the shoot though I discovered Elysia Visuals new RamperPro 2 and this proved to be an even better and more portable solution.

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