Cam Scott | “Somethin’ Bout A Girl”

We’ve been busy putting together a music video for NZ country music star Cam Scott. After listening to his feel good summer anthem ‘Somethin’ Bout A Girl’, we pitched Cam and his manager a fun “road trip” adventure concept that allowed us to show off the stunning scenery around Queenstown.

We pulled out all the stops to make this film happen and massive thank you to everyone involved. It went live today, so I hope you like it!

“Somethin’ Bout A Girl” – Cam Scott from Storyworks on Vimeo.

Massive thank you to –

CAM SCOTT for getting right in there and not saying no to any of our ambitious ideas!

SARAH PERRIAM – Cam’s manager for tracking us down in the first place.

DOP – Ben Ruffell –

GRIP –  Josh Dunn


GAFFER – John Hogan

LIGHTING TRUCK – Brett Mills from Queenstown Camera Company

DRONE PILOT – Rowan Wademan

HAIR AND MAKEUP – Debs from Collective

WARDROBE – Trudy from Nemo

ART DEPARTMENT – Mel McMurtrie and Jeannie from the Fork and Tap

SAFETY EQUIP – Cam from Reel Locations

STORYBOARDS – Spike Wademan –


MARGARET O’HANLON – Acting coach


Michelle Batchelor – our stunning and very talented leading lady.

Alex Fortanier and Bruna Fre Anacleto – our fun hippy chicks in the Kombi. Alex you’re a legend for jumping off the bridge:)

Ashley Roussel –  our extremely hot and lovely country chick in Toyota ute all the way from Nebraska!.

Pol Nicholson and your band for backing up Cam on stage.

Carla and Kimmie – our gorgeous gals in the speed boat.

And all the fun extras who helped us out on the day. You know who you are:)

AGENCIES – Sunny from Exposure, and Tracy from Ican.


Blair and Nathan from the PACIFIC JEMM. The video would not have been the same without your stunning luxury launch as the finale!

Paul Green for your brilliant old Kombi that’s impossible to put into reverse:)

Glen Rutherford from GWD Toyota Queenstown for the hot Toyota Hilux.

Mike McGee for his lovely old Kingswood that does usually start everytime!


Selwyn and his family from the Garston Hotel.

Reverend Christopher Tweddell from St Peter’s Parish Center Hall.


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