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We are a team of highly experienced, creative and down to earth film-makers who have worked out on the world stage, and chosen to base ourselves in Queenstown, NZ.

Our curious minds have led us to the far corners of the earth chasing adventures and stories. Some of them fun, and some of them downright hard. And what we’ve learned along the way is that often the art of storytelling is in the listening. 

We’re here to listen to your story, real or imagined. Because the more we we can understand the how and why of what you do, the more we can connect you with your audience.

Think of us your production partners, working together to create visually engaging content to take your story to the world.

And we’ve got the experience to back it up.

With over 20 years in the industry across feature films, factual TV, natural history documentaries, global and local corporate clients, music videos and TVC’s. We know our stuff both technically and creatively.

We’ve got you covered. 

Have a look at our latest projects, read more about how we work, or get in touch.


Josh Wallace Queenstown cameraman Director 102 Certified drone pilot

Josh Wallace

What’s your story Josh?
South Island born and raised⁠
How did you get into the industry? 
I was really into writing short stories when I was young and that led me to film school as I realised that filmmaking is the ultimate medium for crafting and sharing stories. After a year at South Seas Film and TV School in Auckland I was straight into it and 20 something years later I’m now unemployable in any other profession!
What do you love about it? ⁠
I love the places it takes me, the people I get to meet and the crazy random stuff I get to experience.⁠ From The Lord Of The Rings, to snowboard films in North America, natural history all over Africa for BBC Earth and news and docos for Al Jazeera in the Middle East, filmmaking has literally shown me the world. And it’s still taking me into me into new worlds on a weekly basis.⁠
Loves: My two gorgeous daughters, riding bikes fast down hills, and those moments of alchemy when a plan comes together and we make movie magic!⁠
Currently failing at: Finishing that screenplay…⁠
Expensive Habit: Being a filmmaker! And Tamari almonds… mmm.
Credits: Our Planet II ( Netflix ), Frozen Planet II ( BBC ), Enchanted Kingdom | Africa 3D ( Feature Film ), Nadia’s Farm ( TV3 ), Aotearoa’s Endangered Species ( TV3 )

Holly Wallace

Holly – What’s your story? ⁠
I’m originally from OZ and came to NZ to ski. Met a cute Kiwi boy and that was that. ⁠
How did you get into the film industry?⁠
I grew up in a small town on the outskirts of Sydney and was frustrated by people’s narrow world views. I wanted to be a journalist to explore different perspectives, which led me into  film-making.
What do you love about your work?
Going into worlds you’d never normally have access to. No day is the same.⁠
Loves: My family. Travelling and meeting people with different world views. Hanging out in the mountains, they lift your gaze. Wild swimming.
Currently failing at: Juggling Mum and work life!
Expensive Habit: Downhill mountain biking and skiing.⁠
Credits –
Assistant Producer and second camera – Tribal Wives. Diverse
Assistant Producer – Hairy Bikers – Sth East Asia tour. BBC.
Director – One Born Every Minute. Shine.
Field Producer/ Director – Wild NZ. BBC.
Associate Producer – Man Eats Wild. Outdoor Channel.
Field Director – Salomon ‘Her Way’ documentary
Field Director – Frozen Planet 2. BBC
Director – Nadia’s Farm. Warner Bros
Holly Wallace, director, producer, photographer
Queenstown videographer

Neal Von Dinklage – DOP

What’s your story Neal? ⁠
Moved over from Sydney for the mountain life.⁠
How did you get into the film industry? ⁠
A great DOP gave me a chance as a pretty fresh clapper loader and I never looked back.⁠
What do you love about it? ⁠
Meeting awesome people with great stories and trying to make a film out of it, what’s not to love?⁠
Loves: Mountain climbing, snow touring
Expensive Habit: Camera gear, total sucker⁠
Currently Failing at: Growing Chilli’s
Credits – 

Rees Gibbons

What’s your story Rees? ⁠
I’m a videographer and journalist. Above all else, I’m a lover of life and adventure. Growing up in the mountains of Colorado taught me my love of the outdoors. While my college years led me to be a photo journalist in Paris, trained by historic Magnum Photos.
For the past 5 years, I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world, capturing and telling stories from rock climbing documentaries in the Utah desert, to Life Coaching seminars in Milan.
How did you get into the film industry? ⁠
I’ve always loved photography, Spending much of my weekends growing up taking photos of my friends skiing and working as a freelance journalist later in my career. One summer I worked as a rafting guide where I met a film producer and her father. After the trip she offered me a job on a film set, and I haven’t looked back.
What do you love about it? ⁠
Working in film is a love and hate kinda thing. It can take over your life and leave little time for anything else, but it can also take you to beautiful places where you meet amazing people.
Loves: Skiing and rock climbing
Expensive Habit: Morning coffee
Currently Failing at: Managing my time. Too many hobbies!
Rees Gibbons, adventure sports, videographer

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