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BBC | Frozen Planet II

Storyworks had the great honour of contributing to the highly anticipated BBC Natural History series, Frozen Planet II. We’ve been working with the BBC Natural History Unit as their NZ production partners for the past 3 years, capturing multiple long term time-lapses and epic drone footage of South Island glaciers, and directing a sequence featuring our beloved mountain parrot, the Kea.

It’s been incredible to spend so much time in these jaw dropping environments but also hugely confronting to see the rapid deterioration of them with our own eyes.
Check out the just released trailer with original music by Hans Zimmer and chilling vocals from Camila Cabello, and (of course) narration from the legendary Sir David Attenborough.

Executive producer Mark Brownlow calls the show ‘a celebration of wondrous wildlife overcoming the challenges of life in the extremes.’.

It’s certainly both an emotive and awe-inspiring watch, and we cannot wait for the full series to be released later this year.

Client – BBC Studios, BBC Natural History Unit
Produced by – BBC Studios, Natural History Unit, co-produced by BBC America and The Open University
Executive Producer – Mark Brownlow
Series Producer – Elizabeth White
NZ Director – Holly Wallace
NZ Drone and Timelapse Cinematography – Josh Wallace
NZ DP – Scott Mouat