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Paralinx Arrow Plus Wireless Video System ( HDMI



The Paralinx Arrow Plus 1:1 is a 300 ft line-of-sight, wireless RF 1 Tx / 1 Rx set for sending uncompressed, 1080p, 4:2:2, 10-bit video with audio, with a delay of less than 2ms, from your camera to preview monitors.

Both RGB and YCbCr are supported. The Arrow Plus chipset supports up to four receivers, and you can add additional receivers to the included one at any later time. Both input and output are HDMI, and all units work plug-and-play.

• Wireless Tx/Rx Set for Uncompressed HD
• 1 Transmitter and 1 Receiver
• Supports Up to 4 Receivers
• 300 ft Line-of-Sight/Less than 2ms Delay
• 150 ft Non-Line-of-Sight
• HDMI Interface; Convertible to SDI
• Plug-and-Play
• 5.1 – 5.8 GHz Frequencies
• Dynamic Frequency Selection
• Enhanced Version of AMIMON WHDI Standard


  • HDMI cables
  • 4 x USB power packs and cables